Revolutionizing Aviation

Spark Airlines (ICAO: SPK), a fictional airline, was founded on January 1st, 2018 to be a revolutionary virtual airline providing our pilots a brand new way to experience virtual aviation. Offering support for Microsoft FSX, Lockheed Martin P3D, and Laminar Research’s X-Plane, we offer a cutting-edge experience for everyone no matter what skill level they are.

Now and The Future

Under the Spark name we operate a wide variety of aircraft from regional to cargo aircraft that works diligently along with our ground staff, dispatchers, cabin crew, and of course pilots to get passengers and cargo to their destination on time, every time. Spark’s mainline service serves 70 destinations around the world with plans to expand within the first year of service. Spark Airlines prides itself with having an all-Boeing fleet. This means aircraft familiarization and transition training takes less time on the ground and allows you to get flying quicker.

Once launch is completed, we will be implementing some other subsidies of Spark. Spark Express (ICAO: SPX), more commonly known as Glow, will connect our passengers to smaller communities around the western and central United States. Glow’s fleet of Bombardier NextGen aircraft will be one of the most modern in the industry today. Finally, Spark Air Cargo will provide premium logistical service to over 20 international and domestic destinations with it’s new cutting-edge all-Boeing fleet. Spark Air Cargo plans to work closely with military branches and private organizations to provide aid and charter services around the world.
The Official Airline Of

This Ain't Another phpVMS Community

From both the airline management and pilot experience sides of the house, we felt that phpVMS was outdated and not the system we intend to serve our community. We could have moved to VAMSYS or projectFLY, however we feel that they're trying to make the traditional idea of a VA cloud based. Instead, Taylor Broad, CIO of Spark and experienced web developer, built the Virtual Aviation Operations System from the ground up a few years ago.

We are proud not only to be the community that created this system, but to offer an experience exclusive to VAOS communities.

Exclusive Features
  • Personal Aircraft
  • Invite Friends on Group Flights
  • Events System
  • VATSIM Flight Tracking
  • Aircraft Specific Support

And More As We Roll Out

* Some features are still in testing and may not represent their full functionality
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